I’m starting to work out again.

I had forgotten how tough it was starting out the Yoga-X. It was rough.
I feel like I’m starting from behind, but glad to have started.









Female pilots edited out of the Star Wars movies.

I saw the tweets about this today, and I was like oh yeah, I remember hearing about that.

And then I saw the pictures and just— wow. What it would have meant to have these women in the movie, all this time. I can’t properly articulate it but it’s hitting me unexpectedly hard.

Wow thats a shame, even a nice old lady too.  These Space Valkyries  should have been left in.

They really should have.

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I lived, ate, and breathed Star Wars from age 2 until 2005 when RotS finally beat the enthusiasm out of me, and I have NEVER, EVER in all my reading on behind-the-scenes and makings-of heard of these shots. It’s a shame there was no relaunched edit of the original trilogy they could have slipped these in OH FUCKING WAIT THERE’S BEEN LIKE 3 OF THOSE NOW.

Fuck. FUCK. Whoever decided to edit out and bury these needs to french kiss an angle grinder.

I want to see the old lady in the A-Wing. Seriously, it’s like, she’s somebody’s grandma. Some kid in the Outer Rim Territories got greased by the Empire for seeing something she wasn’t supposed to see, and her grandma, the bush pilot, decided “Fuck this, I’m gonna strap on an fighter and make the Empire fucking PAY for the moment it decided to fuck with MY FAMILY.”


These are quickly being put into the “always reblog” category.

Whenever there is a war, there are women who are warriors. Then they get erased from history. Happens in real wars and fictional ones alike.

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Holy shit monkeys. Phenomenal animation and a song by Imagine Dragons?!

How can I not reblog this. Good job Riot!

i don’t even play League of Legends but HOLY CRAP TTHAT WAS COOL! *O*

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Giles would make the bestest, most woebegone chief of staff.

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never forget April O’Neil started out as a black woman

I remember pointing this out (back in the late 80s) to a much older classmate of mine, who mentioned it to her comics-reading son, who was appropriately upset about it. Those of us old enough to remember the Turtles’ first appearance as a satire of the absurdities of comic books at the time saw them quickly dumb down for TV-friendliness and become what they were once a parody of, but this one was the really ugly change.

So this got me curious. I remembered the character being white originally and that she was based on Eastman’s high school crush of the same name. So I looked it up. It looks like she was not white washed for the traditional reasons but was instead drawn differently by different artists because Eastman and Laird disagreed on what her ethnic background should be. She is white in her very first but black in her second. Her race alternates almost issue by issue.


A Visual History of April O’Neil, Part 2: 1988 – 1991

A Visual History of April O’Neil, Part 3: 1992 – 1996

A Visual History of April O’Neil, Part 4: 1997 – 2002

A Visual History of April O’Neil, Part 5: 2003 – 2010

A Visual History of April O’Neil, Part 6: Miscellanea

A Visual History of April O’Neil, Part 7: 2010 – 2014

It’s a combination of fascinating, frustrating, and sad.

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emotional abuse is when someone does something to hurt you, and when you express your feelings, that you’re upset, they turn it around to be something you did to hurt them and they force you to apologize for it, and your feelings, like always, are rendered invalid and silenced, forever damaging the ability to trust others with your feelings because they always are used against you.

this is important because so many people don’t know this

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You must be the terror you wish to see in the world.

Hank Pym, Daredevil, Doombot and Doris from Avengers A.I. #7
by samhumphries, andrelimaaraujo​ and Frank D’armata

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Goin out for sushi with some friends and i’m definitely overdressing

Fancy restaurant: Black tie.
Very fancy restaurant: Black rabbit.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Adam and STEPHEN. With a “P-H”.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Adam and Kevin. Don’t get Adam started on Steve, he was the worst.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Eve and Lilith.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Adam and Carol and Ted and Alice.

It’s not Adam and Steve, I mean, it was at one point, but it’s Adam and Stephanie now. You didn’t hear?

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Eve. Just Eve. Happy by herself.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s eesh, look, I’ll date at some point but I’m just too busy right now. Give it time.

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