“What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.”
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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

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Fabulous fucking body slam HOLY SHIT MONTY

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cumberston-hiddlesbatch asked:

What are some comics you recommend that feature lesbians? I need some more lady lovin' reading material!



I am by no means an expert, but here are some I’ve enjoyed:

- Fun Home

- Dykes to Watch Out For

- Lumberjanes

- Blue is the Warmest Colour (Disclaimer: I haven’t read this, but I want to.)

- Dar (Although this comic is more about conflict of identity, I still really love and always recommend it, especially to people who lean more towards “queer” than anything else.)

- Batwoman: Elegy

- Young Avengers (There are so many queer characters in Young Avengers, especially in the newest run. Although there isn’t much on-panel lady-love, Miss America Chavez is a badass hero and I would kill to write her.)

- Sailor Moon

- Buffy

- Y: The Last Man

If you’re looking for some more… Ahem, ADULT material, I recommend the Smut Peddler books and Small Favors, if you can get your hands on it. 


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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“As N.P.R. reported in May, services that “were once free, including those that are constitutionally required,” are now frequently billed to offenders: the cost of a public defender, room and board when jailed, probation and parole supervision, electronic monitoring devices, arrest warrants, drug and alcohol testing, and D.N.A. sampling. This can go to extraordinary lengths: in Washington state, N.P.R. found, offenders even “get charged a fee for a jury trial — with a 12-person jury costing $250, twice the fee for a six-person jury.””





To me, you are perfect.

oh geez it is so nice to be reminded of how amazing Donna is ♥♥♥

You know what it is time for me to sit around groggily appreciating my favorite companion. 

Tate knocked that performance out of the goddamn park. Donna was the best thing that ever happened to Ten. She tirelessly kicked his manic narrow behind and made him want to be a better person than the lick-things-first-think-about-compassion-later arrogant genocidal douche that was his tenth self. Who I adored best of all the doctors, I might add, until Eleven. This happens with EVERY DOCTOR for me, by the way.

I remember how people in the fandom FREAKED OUT when it was revealed she was returning as a full-time companion. Too loud! Too aggressive! Not a tiny pretty wisp of a girl! No way bro, I liked her from the start and figured the screaming would die down when she stopped having the worst day of her life on top of being kind of a bridezilla (do we say that anymore? is that still a thing?)

Catherine Tate has these beautiful sad eyes that make everything Donna sees as a companion resonate with me. When Donna hears the Ood? AUGHHH NOOOOOOOO.

In the end, Donna Noble was the first companion whose leaving genuinely wrecked my shit.

Sarah Jane?  Too young and never got to see those episodes in order on public television. Never really got to know her properly.

Leela? Same deal, except less clothing.

Ace? Missed her entirely along with more or less all of Five and Six’s reign.


Captain Jack? Disappointed as fuck to see him go. Wanted him to stick around and kiss the doctor wayyy more. Always kiss the doctor when you are lucky enough to be Captain Jack. He was a pansexual Ken doll full of sass. Mmm yes frisky Scotsmen nom nom nom.

Rose? Kind of sad, I liked her. I liked her a lot but what a way to go out. It was less sad when she kept coming back, but this is Doctor Who (see also: Daleks Every Season Or Bust).

Martha? Felt shitty about her leaving circumstances, but triumphant that she chose to be proactive and picked her career and future over helplessly pining for a dude. She put up with so much from the Doctor and got zero fucking credit. A Companion who almost but not quite fit into the show because her potential was stifled by being underappreciated until she got fed up.


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